A political underdog turns to Fresh Rocket for a winning website.

We all know that Washington needs some common sense. That’s what our friend and client Scott Ellington is offering in a congressional race with national implications. The Arkansas 1st Congressional District is a traditionally blue district, but when Democrat Marion Berry retired, a Tea Party favorite rode the 2010 conservative wave all the way to D.C.

Arkansas Democrats hoped to win the seat back in 2012, but as the filing deadline neared, local Dem activists were unhappy with their choices and convinced Scott to “throw his hat in the ring”. With little money and even less time, Scott and his campaign manager Mariah Hatta asked Fresh Rocket to get a campaign site up and running as soon as possible.

Within a week of getting initial content, the new mobile-friendly Scott Ellington for Congress site was launched. The site tied into Scott’s social media efforts and fundraising on ActBlue.org. Scott excels at retail politics, so frequent updates were made with photos at numerous local events.

Despite statewide and national support for his blue-dog opponent, Scott managed to come within 200 votes of an outright primary victory in the three-way contest. Two weeks after the primary, Scott won a nail-biter of a run-off election by less than 1%.

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