Fresh Rocket Takes the “Design Can Change” Pledge

Design Can Change logoRecent events – obviously the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf being the most visible – have shown just how far we’ve gone in critically injuring our planet. While we have long supported “green” initiatives and supported becoming much better stewards of the Earth, the time has come for all of us to take a stance.

In our professional role as designers, we have taken the “Design Can Change” pledge to think sustainably. The initial approach is fairly simple:

  • Learn: Engage in the topic and seek to understand the issue.
  • Think: Make a sustainable mindset second nature.
  • Act: Put my knowledge to use in my daily work.
  • Inform: Share information and build awareness for sustainability.
  • Unite: Spark change through collective strength.

Much of what we as individuals and small businesses can do are small things. But collectively, those small things do add up. Sustainability need not be a political issue. Isn’t it just common sense? Doesn’t it make good business sense to use our resources wisely? As parents and grand parents, don’t we want to leave our world in good shape for our descendants?

Click here if you’re a buyer of graphic design services or products and would like to find out more about the “Design Can Change”. To find out more about “Design Can Change”, you can also visit their web site.

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