After almost two years, Fresh Rocket site redesigned.

After almost two years, yes it was well past time. Enough of the cobbler’s kids running around barefooted. No more leaky faucets at the plumber’s house. Fresh Rocket finally took the time to implement on our very own site a few of the new tricks of the trade that we’ve picked up in recent years.

So what’s so different? First, we’ve cleaned up our design. What worked two, three or four years ago just seems dated now. Our style usually gravitates  towards the classic, that’s what we want our site to convey. Make sure that your site is up-to-date and reflects your brand identify.

Second, this site now fully embraces responsive web design techniques. Look at it on your computer, your iPad, your smartphone. It will look slightly different on each device, but readability and usability will not be compromised on any device. Mobile web usage now accounts for about 10% of internet traffic and estimates are that that share is doubling annually ( Usage of iPads and other tablets is growing every month ( If your site isn’t easily and cleanly accessible on those devices, you’re losing business.

Third, gone are all traces of Flash. Splashy Flash splash pages are ancient history. Numerous research shows that animated splash pages just turn visitors away. That’s not good for anyone’s site. On top of that, iPads and iPhones don’t load Flash at all. The solution? Get right to the message.

Finally, we’ve moved the entire Fresh Rocket site into a WordPress Content Management System (CMS). All content is added, edited and controlled through the CMS. There are numerous custom templates and back-end coding solutions to facilitate our specific requirements.

Hope that you appreciate the redesign, please leave us a comment. And don’t forget, Fresh Rocket is ready to launch your site.

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