If you’re looking for marketing experience, insight and creativity, Fresh Rocket Creative Productions is what you need.

We offer a world of online marketing and media services including websites, social media, and e-mail marketing.

We began our exploration into cyberspace with our first web page in 1996. Technology has taken quantum leaps and so have our capabilities.

Your online presence must be an accurate reflection of your brand. It needs to be user friendly. And it needs to be dynamic – gone are the days when you could get your web site “done” and forget about it.

Social media is essential. E-mail marketing is a natural and mobile communications are part of everyday life. Your customers are web savvy and connected. You need to be where they are. We realize that the bar is higher than ever, audiences can be huge and attention spans small.

Fresh Rocket thrives on the challenge of helping our clients make an impact, using idea ecologies and innovation. Essentially, we assist our clients in the seamless mash-up of humanity and technology.

Putting ink on paper is still an excellent way to communicate.

Print ads, newsletters, brochures, annual reports, sales sheets – the list of marketing materials that require printing is still a long one.

We can help you decide when you need to print, what you need to print, even where you need to print. The look and feel of a thoughtfully designed and printed publication or brochure can make a major impression on your customers.

Fresh Rocket can help you with copy writing, design, production and printing. Our professionally produced printed materials can help you save money and get results.

Make moving pictures, sound and motion work for you.

Need to make your message come alive? Fresh Rocket can write, produce, cast, direct, shoot, and edit TV and radio spots, corporate and training videos, as well as web or presentation motion graphics.

HTML5, mobile-friendly, streaming video, Facebook or YouTube – no matter how you need your story distributed, we’ll work with you to make sure the message is clear and concise, and the production values are first class.