A social media trifecta = Facebook + Blog + Twitter

If you’re doing anything with social media, you’re probably updating your Facebook page, your blog, and Twitter tweets on a regular basis (as well as your LinkedIn profile, etc., etc.). Fortunately, with a little behind the scenes tinkering, it’s rather easy to have the different sites feed each other.

That’s exactly what we’re now doing with Fresh Rocket. Thanks to Socialite (a free WordPress plug-in), when we publish a new post on the Fresh Rocket blog, it automatically cross pollinates our Facebook fan page and our Twitter “Tweets”. With a little help from the Facebook to Twitter application, FB posts are also tweeted. And, as the final leg of the trifecta, Facebook Connect updates our WordPress blog sidebar with any Facebook posts and a random sampling of the FR FB fan photos.

Of course, having the back-end in place doesn’t do much good without having some content that people want to read. Unfortunately, we haven’t found the automatic application for that yet! Give us a call @ 813.961.6543 or e-mail us about crafting a winning social media strategy.

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