2010 is an election year, isn’t it?

Joyce recently received a call from an old friend (he’s not old, she’s just known him for quite a few years) from Arkansas who is now running for Prosecuting Attornery in northeast Arkansas. Always happy to help a good guy and a good cause, Fresh Rocket gave his templated WordPress site a brand new, 100% American and 100% Scott Ellington look.

Elect Scott Ellington for Arkansas 2nd Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney now has a new look.

Good luck to Scott! And if you live in northeast Arkansas, please make sure that you’re registered to vote in the May 18th primary … the deadline to register is April 18th.

UPDATE: We’re happy to report that Scott won the election and is now the Prosecuting Attorney for the Arkansas 2nd Judicial District. Congrats, Scott!

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